Global Health Investment Corporation

Global Health Security Portfolio

"Today, we are announcing an innovative, cost-effective approach that puts us on a better path to take on the next public health crisis." – U.S. HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra

GHIC has partnered with BARDA to use venture capital investments to accelerate the development and introduction of technologies and medical products to respond to and prevent health security threats. Through this partnership, BARDA intends to provide GHIC with up to $500 million in funding over the course of the 10-year agreement to support the creation of a Global Health Security venture investment portfolio.

The Global Health Security portfolio is focused broadly on medical countermeasures that will better position the world to respond to or prevent public health emergencies, including vaccines, diagnostics, therapeutics, manufacturing platforms, and other critical technologies.

GHIC leverages its global health investment and commercialization experience while benefiting from BARDA’s scientific and technical input to help support important health security technologies. To amplify the impact of BARDA's funding, GHIC will mobilize additional capital from other investors for co-investment. As GHIC’s Global Health Security portfolio companies generate investment returns, proceeds from BARDA’s investment capital will be recycled by GHIC into additional investments.  These investments will also be designed to advance the goals of the partnership, further amplifying the mission impact of BARDA’s initial funding.

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Portfolio Investments

Biolinq . Opens in new tab.

Global Health Security Portfolio

Intervention: Device

Targets: Diabetes, pre-diabetes, other diseases

Impact Objectives: Improve management of various clinical conditions and detect exposure to multiple public health agents

Endpoint Health . Opens in new tab.

Global Health Security Portfolio

Intervention: Therapeutic + Companion Diagnostic

Targets: Sepsis, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases

Impact Objectives: Apply a precision medicine approach to the treatment of sepsis, one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality related to health security threats

Monod Bio . Opens in new tab.

Global Health Security Portfolio

Intervention: Diagnostic 

Targets: Critical healthcare and biotech applications

Impact Objectives: Create highly modular biosensors to develop rapid, sensitive, and cost-effective analytical assays