Global Health Investment Corporation

Investment Portfolio

GHIC is an established leader in global health impact investing, accelerating innovations that improve health worldwide.

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Investing to Save Lives

GHIC has a dynamic and wide-ranging portfolio of companies whose innovative products - including diagnostics, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and other medical products - are already improving and saving lives. GHIC funding has been catalytic in creating 13 registered products that have reached more than 100 million people worldwide. Several of these companies have also developed products that contributed to the response to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

GHIC was established to test the proposition that private capital could be mobilized and deployed effectively to accelerate global health product development, in addition to traditional global health public sector and philanthropic funding mechanisms. GHIC’s track record, through its initial Global Health Investment Fund, and the other efforts it has inspired, has proven this model, demonstrating that a double bottom line investment approach can effectively catalyze the development of global health products while generating meaningful returns.

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Global Health Investment Fund

GHIC Investment Fund

Our namesake $108 million fund, the Global Health Investment Fund (GHIF), has invested in companies developing interventions such as diagnostics, devices, vaccines and therapeutics that target diseases that have a disproportionate impact in low- and middle-income countries. GHIF’s portfolio companies have registered 13 products that are already improving global health and saving lives.

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Strategic Investment Partnership

GHIC is partnering with the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), within the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, to use venture capital practices to accelerate the development and introduction of technologies and medical products to respond to or prevent global public health emergencies and other health security threats.

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Adjuvant Capital

GHIC Investment

Adjuvant Capital, with several GHIF alumni, seeks to accelerate the development of new technologies to address public health challenges. GHIC has supported Adjuvant Capital Fund’s launch, with generous financial support from the Government of Germany, through its KfW development bank.

AXA Prime Impact Fund

Strategic Investment Relationship

AXA Prime Impact Fund, established by a leading GHIF investor, AXA Investment Managers, is also building upon the success of GHIF and expanding efforts to incorporate both infectious and non-infectious disease targets. GHIC and AXA Prime Impact Fund have established a strategic relationship that enables the coordination of portfolio activities.

Women’s and Children’s Health Technology Fund

GHIC Investment

The Women’s and Children’s Health Technology Fund, launched by Cross Border Impact Ventures, invests in health technology companies that address the health needs of women, children, and adolescents or make health systems more resilient. GHIC has supported the Fund’s launch with an anchor investment, with the financial support from the Government of Germany, through its KfW development bank.

MITRE Corporation

Strategic Investment Relationship

MITRE, a not-for-profit organization, works in the public interest across federal, state, and local governments, as well as industry and academia to advance their mission of solving problems for a safer world. Through its partnership with GHIC, MITRE will provide analysis and evaluation of medical countermeasure technologies, leveraging its objective insights and deep technical expertise across multiple domains.