Global Health Investment Corporation


GHIC is pleased to share our latest announcements, partnerships, investments, and new funds.

Nov 15 2023

GHIC Invests in Cytovale’s Series C Financing

Aug 24 2023

GHIC Receives $100 million from BARDA toward Project NextGen goals

Aug 11 2023

GHIC - BARDA Ventures Year 2 Partnership Report

Apr 19 2023

CEPI and GHIC Collaborate to Advance Vaccine R&D for Emerging Infectious Diseases

Nov 28 2022

GHIC Adds Micron Biomedical to Global Health Security Portfolio

Nov 16 2022

GHIC Co-Leads Centivax Seed Round

Nov 2 2022

GHIC Invests in Vaxess Technologies' Series B Financing

Oct 19 2022

GHIC Adds Univercells to Global Health Security Portfolio

Aug 25 2022

GHIC Receives Additional $53M from BARDA

Aug 15 2022

GHIC Invests in Monod Bio's Seed Financing

Jun 2 2022

GHIC Adds Endpoint Health to Global Health Security Portfolio

Mar 10 2022

GHIC Receives Additional BARDA Funding

Mar 8 2022

GHIC and MITRE Launch Strategic Partnership

Dec 10 2021

GHIC Makes Anchor Investment in the Launch of the Women’s and Children’s Health Technology Fund

Nov 2 2021

GHIC Makes Initial Global Health Security Portfolio Investment Following the Launch of its BARDA Partnership

Sep 24 2021

GHIC Receives Initial Funding from BARDA

Jun 16 2021

Merck spinoff Organon completes acquisition of GHIF portfolio company Alydia Health

Jun 1 2021

GHIC Announces Partnership with the US Government to Promote Global Health Security